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About Roadr

We exist because we have a massive passion for cars and driving. Our mission with Roadr is to create the best driving experience possible. We want every Petrolhead to get the most out of their hobby, love, passion or whatever they call driving their beloved vehicle's.

Our unique driving gloves are inspired by classic (racing) cars. The details on the gloves are a tribute to the best historical automotive designs ever made. Designed for and by car enthusiasts who are always looking for that ultimate driving experience. 

All our products are designed in The Netherlands and handcrafted in collaboration with The Chesterfield Brand. We only use high quality 100% real leather, which we get from sustainable tanneries.

The Roadr story 

My love for cars started at a very young age. It started in the back of the BMW 5 series (e28) from my grandpa. These moments I'll never forget. When I purchased my first 'sports car' my love for driving and cars got even more intense. The early 90's MX5 NA (which I still own) made me want to drive better and more often.  Because of my busy life, I’m not able to spend as much time in that car as I want. The times that I do get to drive it are more and more valuable to me. So I want to get the most out of every drive and improve my whole driving experience.

That’s where Roadr comes in. I noticed that if you wear a great set of driving gloves, the whole driving experience gets a boost. The moment you see them, the driving experience starts. The feel and the smell of the leather makes you excited to drive. When you are near the redline and eating the corners, your mind is free, your soul alive and your body full of adrenaline. These gloves make the whole experience much more intense. It is a unique feeling that every petrolhead should experience at least once in his or her live. 


Roadr About Us

The time you get to spend driving your beloved car is probably not as much you would like. So make sure the time you do spend in it is spectacular.
– Hessel Sytema, Founder