Roadr Stories - The Porsche 964

Roadr Stories - The Porsche 964

Roadr Porsche 964 driving gloves
In this first installment of the DrivePact x Roadr series we portray Rikard Asbjornsen, a true petrolhead with a distinct love for the RS products from Porsche's 911 range. It's Saturday morning when he pulls out his Porsche 964 and grabs his favourite driving gloves. Ready to tell his story about the love for driving.
It's around 11:00 in the morning when we pull up in Rikard's neighborhood. The sun is out and a few kids are playing with a frisbee. They look up when they hear our engine and one kid points at our car. The other kids don't seem to be interested in our black 911. It might be because they don't enjoy cars as their friend does, but it's probably got more to do with the fact that they often see more impressing 911's in their street. 

Because Rikard has the real deal in and outside his garage. He own's a green 964 which he made it into a RS Replica, a 997 GT3RS, 996 GT3RS and a '73 911T.

At the opposite side of the garage, we have 'Minty', a mint green Porsche 964 RS-tribute mainly built by Rikard. It's the car we'll be focusing on today, since it's the car that shows us most about Rikard. The 996 and 997 RS are great cars, but they are mostly stock. Minty tells us so much more about Rikard.

Rikard always drives with the Roadr stylish leather Night Driver driving gloves. 

Watch the whole story about Rikard and his love for driving and cars here below:


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