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Roadr Porsche Driving Gloves

Classic driving gloves design.

A true driving glove can be recognized by its luxury and classy appearance, but also for its function. A fine driving glove provides comfort and ensures your grip on the wheel. Our gloves make use of smooth thin leather, so you still can experience the road through your wheel comfortably and use all buttons on the dashboard. Great comfort, a special feeling and ultimate style is what you will experience with our driving gloves. Driving gloves feature open knuckles for flexibility and ventilation, additional ventilation through fingers and short cuffs to not restrict wrist movement. Even the leather strap on our luxury gloves will leave room for your favourite watch.

Inspired by vintage racing.

The details on our classic leather gloves are a tribute to the best historical automotive designs, combined with the design of classic racing gloves. The red, white and blue stripes are a tribute to the stunning racing colors used on those vintage racing cars from the 70's.To finish the classic design we added our logo to the pushbutton which is inspired by the legendary classic Fuchs wheel by Porsche. This was the first light-weight forged wheel to be fitted to a production automotive vehicle and introduced in 1967 on the Porsche 911S.

Roadr Driving Gloves Porsche Racing

Vintage driving gloves, modern craftsmanship.

To make sure all our driving gloves have a perfect fit, we cut the leather in perfect shape with a high-tech laser. After that we sew them together by hand for maximum precision, to create those unique details on our racing gloves. We only use velvety smooth and comfortable sheepskin leather from the highest quality. To maintain the leather of your gloves we offer a special leather maintenance kit. When they are finished they literally fit like a glove. A second skin, so you still feel every button and detail of your car. The gloves come in a soft leather sleeve. Made from very durable and beautiful cowskin. The sleeve nicely protects the gloves and fits your glove compartment perfectly.

Why people use leather driving gloves.

Driving gloves made their first appearance around the 1890s. Back then steering wheels didn’t have the comfort of modern steering wheels, they were often made from metal or wood. Internal heating in cars wasn’t a thing back then (even a roof was not standard), so the gloves protected you from rough steering wheels with splinters and the cold weather. Nowadays the gloves are still used for grip and protection, and let’s be honest they make you look like a gentleman. These days classical car owners use them to protect their wooden of ivory steering wheels instead of their hands. We designed these leather gloves to make sure the driving experience in your beloved car is going to be even more special.

How to maintain leather.

To keep your gloves in perfect shape it’s important that you take good care of your leather. This is why we developed our special leather care kit, to make sure they keep the comfort you want. Before applying our 100% natural leather wax, keep in mind your gloves should be dry. Make sure to also remove any excess dirt or dust from your gloves. When your gloves are dry and free of dirt and dust, put on our cotton maintenance gloves and softly rub the wax into your driving gloves. You only have to use a finger tip with wax. Let the wax dry for a minut or two and you are ready to hit the road again!

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