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Leather Driving Gloves Porsche Racing Gloves

Driving Gloves

For the love of driving.

Roadr Leather Driving Gloves Porsche Racing Gloves

Driving Gloves

Inspired by icons.

Luxury driving gloves vintage Roadr

Driving Gloves

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Roadr driving gloves.

Our classic leather driving gloves will give you a true driving experience. It’s that sensational feeling when everything comes together. Sharpening all your senses. When you open the garage door, see the lines of your car, hear the sound of the engine, smell the fine leather and feel the steering wheel. When you are near the red line, goosebumps are inevitable. Your mind is free, your soul alive, and your body full of adrenaline.

Complete your driving experience now, with Roadr driving gloves.

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Classic driving gloves design.

A true driving glove can be recognized by its luxury and classy appearance, but also for its function. A fine driving glove provides comfort and ensures your grip on the wheel. Our gloves make use of smooth thin leather, so you still can experience the road through your wheel comfortably and use all buttons on the dashboard. Great comfort, a special feeling and ultimate style is what you will experience with our driving gloves.

Driving gloves feature open knuckles for flexibility and ventilation, additional ventilation through fingers and short cuffs to not restrict wrist movement. Even the leather strap on our luxury gloves will leave room for your favourite watch.

Inspired by classic racing.

Porsche Leather Driving Gloves Vintage Racing
Brown leather driving gloves

Vintage driving gloves, modern craftsmanship.

Why people use leather driving gloves.

Driving gloves made their first appearance around the 1890s. Back then steering wheels didn’t have the comfort of modern steering wheels, they were often made from metal or wood. Internal heating in cars wasn’t a thing back then (even a roof was not standard), so the gloves protected you from rough steering wheels with splinters and the cold weather. 

Nowadays the gloves are still used for grip and protection, and let’s be honest they make you look like a gentleman. These days classical car owners use them to protect their wooden of ivory steering wheels instead of their hands. We designed these leather gloves to make sure the driving experience in your beloved car is going to be even more special.

Leather wax maintenance kit

Leather gloves maintenance.

When you buy driving gloves from Roadr.

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Classic leather driving gloves