Classic driving gloves

The best driving gloves for men

Experience driving in style and unmatched comfort with our exquisite men's driving gloves. Not only do they protect your hands when you’re behind the wheel, but they can also add a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit. But for the Petrolhead's under us they will boost your driving experience. It's that unique feeling of freedom while driving you beloved car. Let's have a look at some of the different driving gloves.


How our leather gloves are made

Our premium men's driving gloves are crafted in collaboration with our esteemed partners from Chesterfield. Using the latest laser technology, each driving glove is cut precisely and then meticulously hand-sewn to ensure an impeccable, comfortable fit. Made from luxuriously smooth sheepskin, our handmade gloves are presented in a stylish leather case that fits perfectly in most glove compartments. Drawing inspiration from classic racing cars, the design features the iconic Roadr logo on the pushbuttons - an ode to the legendary Fuchs wheels from Porsche's golden era of the 60s and 70s.


Red leather driving gloves

The benefits of wearing gloves

A good pair of gloves will combine fashion and function. They boost your driving experience. The feeling when you open the garage door, seeing you car and put on the super soft leather driving gloves, is just an unique experience. The moment you are chasing high speed corners they give you extra grip and making you feel even more serious about driving. The leather protects the steering wheel as well as your car's interior while giving your hand protection against the cold, sun, and blisters. Some of our high end car gloves are also touch-screen compatible. 

Black leather driving gloves

Our different leather driving gloves

Our driving gloves are made of the highest quality and exude elegance and grace that will complement your car. The snug-fit design offers comfort and ease while taking you back in time to your favorite era. Let's take a closer look at our collection.

The Vintage Racer.

  • These British Racing Green leather gloves are designed with green accents inspired by British sports cars, offering an authentic and classic look. They also feature a contrasting tan clasp for that iconic look you find in these classic MG's.






green leather driving gloves

Cognac Cruiser.

  • Elevate your classic car attire with our exquisite cognac brown leather gloves. These vintage-looking gems exude a premium style that is second to none. Experience the ultimate fusion of class and sophistication with this vintage pair.

Brown driving gloves

The Redline.

  • Our best-selling driving gloves in the Bordeaux red will make you stand out from the crowd. This trending colorful pair with a classic navy bleu strap will be a good choice wherever you go. The name come's from the last part of the rev counter. These driving gloves are made for those who love to get the most out of their cars.


Red leather driving gloves with a classic mini car

Night Driver.

  • These black leather driving gloves with a stylish cognac strap will go with every outfit and car. These are the most populair gloves in our catalog. They make a great gift! A pair of elegant black leather gloves are never a bad idea.



Black leather driving gloves with cognac leather bag
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