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11 Reasons why you should wear driving gloves

As a driver, you know that having the proper gear is important. That's why you make sure to have the right shoes, the right jacket, and the right sunglasses. But what about driving gloves?
You might not think that driving gloves are necessary, but they can actually provide a number of benefits. Here are 11 reasons why you should wear driving gloves:

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Everything You Need To Know About Leather Driving Gloves | Roadr

What's the most vital gear that is usually overlooked by Petrolheads? Driving gloves! Men’s driving gloves serve a purpose and are more than a bold fashion statement. Want to know everything about this wonderful accessory? From their history to types, benefits to features worth considering while buying them, and maintenance tips, we have covered you. Let's dive right in and read everything you need to know about driving gloves. 

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Roadr Stories - BMW 1M

In this DrivePact x Roadr portrait we get to know André Lima who is chasing his own supercar dream in his BMW 1M. Or is he living the dream already? We're sitting down at the BMW M display in the Dusseldorp BMW showroom just north of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. André tells us he's been fascinated with supercars for most of his life. It all started with a yellow Ferrari though, not with a black BMW. André is wearing his favourite driving gloves all the time. The Cognac Cruisers are a perfect match with his look and his lovely BMW M1. 

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Roadr Stories - Austin Healey Sprite

Most of you might think of cigars, corduroy and men of considerable age when you hear 'Austin Healey Sprite', but we love it when conventions are broken. Meet 34 year old Robbert, who drives an Austin Healey Sprite. And he drives it hard. We applaud Robbert for choosing a car that's not a very common choice for people his age. More people should choose these kind of old school, pure, raw cars if you ask us. And the petrolhead genes are passed on: Robbert plans to keep it in the family. If his son Morris (named after the car company) still likes cars when he's older, Robbert hopes Morris likes the yellow rocket enough to one day take it of...

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Roadr Stories - The Porsche 964

In this first installment of the DrivePact x Roadr series we portray Rikard Asbjornsen, a true petrolhead with a distinct love for the RS products from Porsche's 911 range. It's Saturday morning when he pulls out his Porsche 964 and grabs his favourite driving gloves. Ready to tell his story about the love for driving. It's around 11:00 in the morning when we pull up in Rikard's neighborhood. The sun is out and a few kids are playing with a frisbee. They look up when they hear our engine and one kid points at our car. The other kids don't seem to be interested in our black 911. It might be because they don't enjoy cars as their friend does, but it's probably got...

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