The Vintage Racers - Driving Gloves

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Driving Gloves

Made for those who really love driving. The real Petrolheads. Those that want to get the most out of their driving experience. People like our selves.

The Roadr driving gloves are handcrafted and inspired by classic racing cars. Our logo on the pushbuttons is a tribute to the iconic Fuchs wheels from Porsche. These where the first light-weight forged wheel to be fitted to a production automotive vehicle. The three colored stripes are inspired by classic racing stripes. 

  • Inspired by classic racing cars.
  • Handcrafted in collaboration with Chesterfield.
  • Made from velvety smooth sheepskin leather, which comes from 100% sustainable tanneries.
  • Including a beautiful leather case, that fits in your glove compartment perfectly. 

Wear these gloves to fully enjoy the ultimate driving experience.