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Roadr Stories - Austin Healey Sprite

Most of you might think of cigars, corduroy and men of considerable age when you hear 'Austin Healey Sprite', but we love it when conventions are broken. Meet 34 year old Robbert, who drives an Austin Healey Sprite. And he drives it hard.

We applaud Robbert for choosing a car that's not a very common choice for people his age. More people should choose these kind of old school, pure, raw cars if you ask us. And the petrolhead genes are passed on: Robbert plans to keep it in the family. If his son Morris (named after the car company) still likes cars when he's older, Robbert hopes Morris likes the yellow rocket enough to one day take it of his hands. 

Whatch his full story here below. He drives with The Vintage Racers driving gloves. They are a perfect match with his ralley rocket.